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NHS: The future of blood transfusion

Delivered a business transformation proposal to National Health Service Blood Transfusion. The demand based blood system uses cloud services and digital service design to revolutionise the way that valuable blood types are sourced and distributed amongst hospitals.

BBC: Designing for Inclusivity

Conceptualised and user tested a navigation solution for people with Directional Dyslexia that allows them to move confidently even when their cognitive map switches 90 or 180 degrees. Solution involves a mobile app paired with two vibrating wristbands.


Digital transformation and organisational change

​Designed the framework and implemented an offline eHealth platform in acupuncture clinics situated in slum areas of Mumbai. The system fully replaced pen and paper documentation in 6 months allowing for seamless data capture and impact evaluation.

​Capacity Building for entrepreneurs

Accelerated the growth process of social startups
through group trainings in core competencies and
customised ongoing business coaching sessions.


​Ethnography & Filmmaking

Conducted ​field work with stakeholders that have
complementary views on development. Speaking
with street children from Mumbai; academics with domain expertise; and development professionals all lead to a
common takeaway: there are many things we can do
everyday to make this world a better place for everyone.

Artist Curation

​​Published a web music series of 6 original songs 
featuring 70+ international musicians from 20+ 
countries - all collaboration done completely online!​


Multicultural experiences

Lived, worked and studied in 3 different continents. I thrive in an international and multidisciplinary setting and am well-versed in collaborating across cultural differences.

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