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Ethnography + Filmmaking

This documentary calls into attention the individual's responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. It was created as a senior dissertation in the interdisciplinary field of anthropology and media.

​The underlying research examined the relation between individuals, institutions in society and social problems with an aim to identify possible resolutions at the individual's level. A collage of three narratives: the experiences of a young Indian musician Nirali Kartik who took in street kids in Mumbai;  and wisdom shared by some cultural experts will be explored to understand why each individual should not just care about, but also take action to improve the world around us. It aims to empower individuals to actively address global problems at the local level through an attitude of compassion and solidarity.

Poverty or the condition of under-privilege is not a situation that individuals build for themselves, and that it is the result of numerous social structures working together, sometimes overlooking sections of society or individuals who are then led into such a condition through a series of unfavorable situations. Rags to riches success stories inspire using the idea 

that the possibility to move forward in life is hidden in hard work. It is rare, but possible, because the individuals were given the right opportunities at the right time. This documentary provides a realistic view on how poverty and marginalisation are a result of unjust social systems that all of us are active components of. 

By increasing the awareness of the audience to the ways in which their actions can affect others, this project encourages viewers to reflect on ways that they can aid the betterment of members of marginalized communities. ​​


Active Compassion: Our role for a better world (2011)​

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